- IST is the first outdoor sole system that adjusts to uneven surfaces, and adapts to gravity and the balance
  of the hiker on irregular surface of land. IST minimizes the impact on the human body by absorbing the
  impact through the outsole and midsole, and improving stability while climbing by allowing the sole to
  automaticallys adjust to uneven surface.
  Pantented technology - Non marking butyl
  Super Sticky rubber delivers traction and grip on rough terrain and various sufaces.
  Low Gravity - 0.98g/cc, Weight Less 30% than normal outsoles.
  Hypergrip Light weight compound is characterized by its light weight and highest gripping abilities.
- Hypergrip IceLock offers the best traction available on ice and snow.
  Micro-glass filaments are electrostatically aligned in the rubber compound of the sole creating
  slip-stopping surface tension.
  The vertically-aligned filaments will be exposed for the life of the sole, ensuring a solid grip as they wear.
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